Moon Shot related

Apollo 15 Learning Hub.
By the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship

How Apollo 15 taught me the importance of Evidence

Tracy Scott interviews fellow astronaut kid Diane Gordon Briggs on the Emory Rose MARBL Podcast

Tracy Scott shows Apollo 15 Flight Data Files and talks about their origin and significance.

Teaching and Sociology

Perspectives on Evidence in Sociology and Religion (2016)
Dr. Tracy L. Scott and Dr. Gary Laderman, Emory University

A series of 10 short videos from Prof. Tracy Scott about “The Big Picture” of college to career issues relevant to Emory undergraduates. These are excerpts from ECS102 (The Liberal Arts Edge) taught in Spring 2019.

Sex and the City’s Roots and Legacy (2010)
Dr. Tracy L. Scott, Emory University

“What Matters Most” by Tracy Scott
for Emory RHA Last Lecture series (2012)

Another “Last Lecture” by Tracy Scott
for Emory RHA Last Lecture series (2018)